The race will go on

For those who do not know, Gary Bywaters, our beloved founder, head official, keeper of records, steward of history, and friend to all racers passed away suddenly. There are no words to describe the magnitude of this loss. He was one of a kind and I cannot imagine the series without him at the helm.

But I know Gary never thought that the Month of Mud belonged to him alone. He adored this series and the community that grew up through the competition and the camaraderie. This special atmosphere is truly a tribute to his spirit and one that I hope to maintain in his memory.

To my knowledge, Gary never missed a race in the 28 years that the Month of Mud has been around. And I don’t think he would want us to start skipping races now.

So we will race on Sunday for Gary. Please join us for our 2016 series finale, whether you race or not, to share memories of Gary. His spirit will live on through us.

-Greta Daniels

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